- Who are entitled to benefit from medical insurance of employees of Sharjah Government?

  • Local employee or retiree / includes his wife or wives and all children except married and employed
  • Widows of a local employee or retiree / includes all children except married and employed
  • Employee (Non-locals) / includes his first wife ONLY and children until the age of 18. Exceptionally, children of the employee with disabilities continue to be covered after 18 years, as long as they are not enrolled in a job
  • Female Employee (Expats) only.
  • Employee or retiree (Child of Local mother) who are under the emirate and subject to the provisions of the above clauses
  • Residents of Abu Musa Island who are identified by the competent government authority

- Does the health insurance include employees recruited on the temporary contract system?

Employees on the temporary contract system are NOT included.

- Is it possible to obtain another health insurance issued from another party in the country in the Sharjah government system?

Insurance duality is NOT applicable, excluding Thiqa only.

- When is the newborn baby added?

Newborns shall be added within 60 days from the date of birth

- What are the documents needed for a newborn baby addition?

Birth notification issued by the hospital or birth certificate, the date of birth is the enrolment date in the insurance in case of submission the application within 60 days of date of birth, otherwise the enrolment date will be the date of receiving the application

- Are the vaccinations covered in the health insurance?

Yes, vaccinations for newborn and children are covered as per Ministry Of Health

- What tests are covered for children at birth?

BCG (Bacillus Calmette–Guérin), Hepatitis B and neo-natal screening tests (Phenylketonuria (PKU), Congenital Hypothyroidism, Sickle cell screening, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia)

- What is the mechanism for dispensing medicines for chronic diseases?

Medications are dispensed up to 90 days without prior approval by the insurance company

- Is the Companion Accommodation covered?

  • One parent accommodation is covered for an insured Child under 16 years of age
  • Companion Accommodation in cases of medical necessity/ recommendation of the treating doctor

- Is Birth Defects/Congenital conditions are covered?

Yes, congenital and neonatal defects of newborn babies are covered up to the annual limit of the policy if they if it’s life threatening

- Is spinal disease treatment covered for congenital conditions?

Yes, spinal disease treatment for congenital conditions up to the annual limit of the policy, except spinal dislocation covered up to 20,000 dirhams for all insured regardless of age.

- Does the insurance cover vitamin-related tests, especially vitamin D?

Yes, Vitamins and vitamin deficiency testing are covered - if medically necessary & prescribed by a treating doctor such as Anemia, pregnancy & prescribed with antibiotics.


- What are the majors of the Medical Committee?

The Medical Committee’s specialization is currently limited in:

  • Considering sick leaves of more than 3 days (4 days or more).
  • Considering cases of chronic diseases that may be directly affected by COVID-19.

- How is the sick leave procedure provided?

Through the electronic program of the Medical Committee of the Sharjah Health Authority system, where the human resources employee from the same government entity enters the required data for the employee by following the following steps:

  • 1.Enter functional code.
  • 2.Enter sick leave date.
  • 3.Mention the medical authority and its location.
  • 4.Mention the type of disease.
  • 5.Mention human resources notes (if any).
  • 6.Attach a copy of the sick certificate (saved in the electronic files).
  • 7.Attach a copy of the medical report for the leave that exceeds 5 days.
  • 8.Lifting sick leave.
  • 9.Choose the method of payment of fees.

- What are the payment procedures for entering the transaction in the electronic system?

The transaction payment procedure is done by choosing one of the following method:

The first method: payment by ID card: using the ID card to pay the fees through the e-reader device that was distributed to various government agencies.

The second method: payment by credit card: either from the human resources employee or by sending the payment link to the employee himself to carry out the process

The third method: through a collection card: as it is available in some government agencies and the employee can pay in cash to his government entity, provided that the entity pays through this card

Note: : If the payment is successful, the status of the transaction will be to SHA" SENT in the electronic system of the Medical Committee and if payment is not made, the transaction will remain pending as a draft.

- What are the procedures for filling out the national ID card and registering it in the Tahseel system for individuals?

The following are the locations of registering individuals in the smart receipt system (Tahseel):

  • Smart Receipt System Website (Tahseel).
  • Collection funds in government agencies and departments.
  • All Al Ansari Exchange branches (the card is also loaded through them)
  • Tahseel service centers in Sharjah city (the card is also filled through them)

The employee can then fill up the national identity card through the following entities:

  • All branches of Sharjah Islamic Bank.
  • Mobilization centers in government agencies and departments.
  • Al Ansari Exchange branches.

- What are the documents required to complete the entry of sick leave treatment?

  • Certified sick leave for periods of 4 and 5 days
  • Certified sick leave and detailed medical report for sick leave of more than 5 days

- What are the documents required to complete the introduction of chronic diseases?

  • Toxicity letter from the government entity
  • Job description of the employee
  • A detailed medical report on the employee's chronic health condition

- Is it possible to combine more than one vacation in one transaction?

No, except in cases of very short and consecutive vacations that must be informed in advance to the Committee officials.

- Does the Medical Committee consider sick leaves issued from outside the country?

Yes, the Medical Committee considers these transactions provided that all adequate and detailed medical reports are clearly stated with the duration of the sick leave and provided that they are certified by the UAE Embassy in the country of the medical destination in which the treatment was carried out.

- Can the medical committee consider the transactions of Covid19 patients?

Yes, the committee is considering Covid19 transactions, but the official document from government agencies showing the positive test and the isolation period must be attached.

- How to enter the data of an employee in the medical committee program in the event that he does not obtain health insurance from the department or the same entity?

By following these steps:

  • 1.Open the health insurance screen and view the employee's data and information.
  • 2.Add the employee's complete data with the personal photo and administrative number of the employee in the department.
  • 3.Save the data, and thus all his data is added in the data bank, noting that in the event that the Emirates ID number is present in the insurance system at the employee's husband or wife department, a warning message appears to that effect, "Please approve it and there is no harm from it."
  • 4.After saving the data, the human resources employee can start entering sick leave or treating chronic diseases through the screen designated for that, as is usual with the rest of the employees by entering the employee's administrative number.

- How to solve any technical problem when entering a transaction in the electronic system of the Medical Committee?

By communicating with the employees of the Information Technology Department of the Authority to help them as soon as they are informed of any obstacle they face.

- What are the decisions that the medical committee usually takes after reviewing the transactions entered in the electronic system?

Based on the documents and medical reports attached to the system, the members of the medical committee take the following decisions:

  • Full approval.
  • Partial approval.
  • Reject
  • Revert to complete the missing documents, amend the error, or answer a medical committee inquiry, then the government entity fulfills the committee's requirements and re-submitted the transaction to the medical committee screen (Re-submitted) after that, the medical committee looks again at the re-submitted transactions to take the appropriate decision on them.

- Is it possible to appeal against the decisions of the Medical Committee?

The decisions of the Medical Committee are final and do not accept the grievance.

- Can the committee reduce the job burden on the employee or change it to working from home?

No, it is not the competence of the committee to make the decision to work remotely for employees and the employer itself takes these decisions.

- If an employee enters a duplicate transaction by mistake in the Committee's system and the payment is made, can the amount be refunded?

Fees paid cannot be refunded even if it is in error.

- Is it possible to attach one detailed medical report for all sick leave transactions related to the same medical condition?

It is not possible to attach a duplicate medical report for all sick leave transactions, as the reason for extending the leave period must be clarified and the employee's current health status must be explained by attaching a detailed medical report for the same period of time as the sick leave.

- Can an employee cancel a mistranslation?

Yes, the HR employee can cancel the wrong transaction by clicking on the (Cancelation) button, but the fees are not refunded.

- Is it possible to certify sick leaves through the Medical Committee system?

All employees must certify sick leave through the Ministry of Health through their website, whether the employee himself performs this process or terminates it through the medical authority itself.

- What are the reasons for refusing chronic disease transactions?

Transactions that are not directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are rejected even if the condition is chronic.


- What are the types of health facilities licensed by Sharjah Health Authority?

Health facilities:

  • Hospital: (General – Specialized - Rehabilitation Hospital)
  • Clinic: (General – Specialized - General Dental – Specialized Dental – School clinic & Nurseries - First Aid Post)
  • Center: (medical center – Dental center- Medical fitness)
  • Day Care Surgery Centre
  • Diagnostic Centre (Medical imaging – medical laboratory – dental laboratory diagnostic )
  • Rehabilitation Centre: (Audiology & Speech Center – Special needs – Dieting and weight control center – Occupational therapy - Physiotherapy)
  • Dialysis center
  • Fertilization center
  • Mobile Health Unit (Diagnostic – Medical)
  • Long term Homecare (Geriatric house – Convalescence home)
  • Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) Practitioners (Acupuncture – Chiropractic – Homeopathy - TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine) – Naturopathy – Osteopathy – Unani – Hijama – Herbal oriental)
  • Ambulance Services
    • Pharmacy:
    • Outpatient Pharmacy
    • In-patient Pharmacy
    • Scientific Office:
    • Others:
    • Optical shop

- What are the types of health facilities licensed by Sharjah Health Authority?

  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Nurses& Midwives
  • Allied Health
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

- Can a non-UAE national own a healthcare facility?


- Is it required for the owner of medical facility to be a doctor?

Not required

- Can a health professional practice with initial approval?


- Can a health professional practice with initial approval?


- What are the required documents for opening new healthcare facility?

Initial license requirements:

  1. SHA Undertaking Form
  2. Passport copies of owners / partners or who has power of the attorney
  3. Emirates ID of owners / partners or who has power of the attorney
  4. Upload Proposal letter
  5. Power of attorney document in case there is an authorized person
  6. Layout / Floor plan for the facility
  7. Trade license

Final license requirements:

  1. List of Health care professionals
  2. Medical director Appointment
  3. Approval of the emergency operation plan from the Emergency & Disaster Management Division
  4. Registration of Wekaya (medical waste)
  5. Initial registration with FANR is required if the Healthcare Facility provide radiology equipment
  6. Infection control policy and guidelines
  7. Evidence of referral policy for laboratory services (if provided)
  8. List of Medical Devices
  9. Medical Malpractice Insurance

- How is an assessment certificate for Healthcare professionals issued?

An Assessment Certificate for Healthcare Professionals have to be obtained prior to apply for Initial & Final Licensing procedure.

  1. Assessment Certificate is a document similar to Evaluation Letter (MOHAP) or an Eligibility Letter (DHA) or a License Copy (DoH).
  2. The applicant has to undertake an examination in order to obtain the SHA/SHCC professional license. In case applicant is licensed within the UAE or holds the aforementioned documents, they will be exempt from the examination. In addition, if the applicant falls under exemption category as per PQR they will not be required to appear for the exam.
  3. Applicant will have to apply with all the following documents as mentioned below along with current Evaluation/ Eligibility/DoH License copy if present.

Required documents:

Fill the application form through the website and upload the following:

  1. Scientific and academic certificates. (Qualification, Transcripts/Mark List)
  2. Certificates of recent work experience
  3. Current license (if available)
  4. MOHAP Evaluation /DHA Eligibility/DOH Eligibility (if available)
  5. Certificate of current status – (Good Standing Certificate)
  6. Dataflow PSV report if present
  7. Copy of a valid passport
  8. Family book for UAE nationals
  9. Recent photo with white background
  10. Copy of a valid emirates ID card (if available)
  11. Surgical log book (for surgical specialties)
  12. BLS /CPR training certificate

- What are the required documents to issue professional healthcare license?

Initial and final license requirements:

a. Initial license:

  1. Assessment certificate copy issued by SHA
  2. Healthcare facility initial approval letter
  3. Copy of a signed Employment contract/job offer
  4. Medical malpractice insurance
  5. Certificate of current status – (Good Standing Certificate)

b. Final license:

  1. Copy of a valid passport
  2. Copy of medical fitness certificate if applicant is older than 60 years
  3. Copy of a valid emirates ID card for Final License
  4. Security Clearance Certificate

- What are the CME required to renew HP professional license?

Health professional Overall Requirement
Physicians/dentists 40 hours Minimum of 20 Category 1 hours out of 40 per year
Minimum of 20 Category 1 hours out of 40 per year
Nurses 20 hours Minimum of 10 Category 1 hours out of 20 per year
Allied health 10 hours Minimum of 5 Category 1 hours out of 10 per year
Maximum of 5 Category 2 hours out of 10 per year
Traditional complementary and alternative medicine 10 hours Minimum of 5 Category 1 hours out of 10 per year
Maximum of 5 Category 2 hours out of 10 per year

- Does Sharjah Health Authority license the Alternative Medicine?


- What is meant by The Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR)?

The Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) is a guide to licenses applied at the state level by health regulatory authorities (Sharjah Health Authority, Ministry of Health and Prevention, Department of Health - Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority). The guide includes the names of licenses and the requirements and specifications for each title separately.

- Am I able to advertise my healthcare services on social media?

Please be informed, to advertise your health services (social media, websites etc.), you need to take the following procedures:

  • First: Apply for MOHAP Medical Advertisement License
  • Second: Upload given MOHAP License into Sharjah Health Authority portal along with the final version of your advertisement before being promoted to the public
  • Third: Receive the final approval from SHA-Health Regulation department


- What is the Healthy Cities Program?

The Healthy Cities Program is one of the global programs of the World Health Organization (WHO) that aims to promote health and is based on the principle of improving the quality of life from the environmental, social and economic aspects affecting health. The program is a dynamic movement and platform for intersectoral collaboration under leadership and commitment at all political levels at the city level and the formulation of a common vision for the development of public health.

- How did the program start?

Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member, Ruler of Sharjah, that the Emirate of Sharjah be an ideal environment for its residents, the launch of the Sharjah Healthy City Program came in April 2012 and the registration of Sharjah in the WHO Regional Healthy Cities Network (RHCN) in an effort to advance the health of The human being so that he contributes to raising the level of services and health and environmental conditions in the city by increasing awareness of health and environmental issues and attracting, supporting and participating society in various sectors to implement preventive activities and programs to enhance the method of cooperation among all members of society.

- How is the program implemented?

Under Sharjah Health Authority, the Health Cities Department follows up the program and internal and external coordination between sectors and the WHO to implement and achieve the global standards to obtain the title of "A Healthy City" by ensuring that all evidence of meeting the standards are documented accordingly with continuous audits on all program records. An executive committee has also been formed to expand the scope of the program in the Emirate of Sharjah and hold its meetings periodically to develop strategic and operational plans and establish an internal audit committee from various sectors.

- What is the duration of the program application?

The duration of the program application depends on the speed of planning and work on implementing the standards of the World Health Organization.

- What did the program achieve for Sharjah?

It made Sharjah the example of a first healthy city in the Middle East and the region accredited by the WHO Regional Healthy Cities Network, thus strengthening the position of the United Arab Emirates on the world map. Furthermore contributing to support coordination and cooperation between government and local institutions at emirate level. It also strengthened the community's assurance in the quality and development of services in various fields that affect public health, in light of the presence of a global reference and accreditation.

- Is the title of healthy cities temporary?

Upon the city receiving the title, a certificate accreditation by the WHO is issued with re-certification every 3 years.

- What’s next for "Sharjah Healthy City"?

Sharjah Health Authority seeks to ensure the highest levels of quality of life for the residents of the Emirate of Sharjah by expanding the scope of healthy cities to include all regions of the Emirate to ensure the continuity of quality of life and keep pace with changes.

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